21––28 janvier 2016
Solothurner Filmtage
Le ultime cose
Irene Dionisio | 2016 | Pan Fic | Fic 85' | It

Turin, in a pawnshop. A bittersweet multitude pawns their possessions, awaiting repurchase or the final auction. Among the thousands of faces constituting the human inventory of our time, three stories are intertwined on the thin line of moral debt. Sandra, a young transsexual, has just returned to the city in an attempt to escape the past and a failed love. Stefano, newly hired, is confronted with the tough reality of working life and is witness to the miserable schemes behind the scenes at the shop. Michele, retired, finds himself embroiled in the pawn traffic in order to repay a debt. A choral recounting of life in a world of great inequity.


  • Irene Dionisio
    Born in 1986 in Torino (IT). Degree in Aesthetical and Social Philosophy University of Torino. Master in documentary filmmaking. Master IED (Istituto Europeo di Design). Founding member of Fluxlab in Torino.

    2010 Fières d'être pute / 2011 Sur les traces de Lygia Clark, souvenirs et évocations de ses années parisiennes (co-director, both documentaries) / La fabbrica è piena (feature) / 2013 Il canto delle sirene / Ufficio nuovi diritti / 2014 Quel événement imprévisible / 2015 Sponde. Nel sicuro sole del nord. (all documentaries) / 2016 Le ultime cose (feature)
  • Réalisateur Irene Dionisio
  • Scénario Irene Dionisio
  • Caméra Caroline Champetier
  • Montage Aline Hervé
  • Son François Musy, Marc Thill
  • Interprètes Fabrizio Falco, Roberto De Francesco, Christina Rosamilia, Alfonso Santagata, Salvatore Cantalupo, Anna Ferruzzo, Nicole De Leo, Maria Jenny D' Aquino, Annig Raimondi
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lun. 23.1.
18:00 | Landhaus
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Pan Fic | Fic 85' | It/de
Pan Fic Fic 85' It/de